Can’t you just rely on the adoption agency to get things right? No, you can’t assume that an adoption agency won’t make mistakes. Every year scores of innocent prospective adoptive parents find themselves facing felony charges for adoption fraud. The website has written an exceptional article that discusses the matter of wrongful adoption.1
There are certain people who may be ineligible to adopt a child based on a variety of factors. If a potential parent has a criminal record of a certain type then they may be precluded from adopting a child. In addition, if the potential parent or parents have a record of abuse of violence in their past, they may also be precluded from adopting a child. The process of adopting a child is incredibly complex and intricate and it cannot be stressed enough that before going through these proceedings you should contact an experienced attorney to be by your side.
We surveyed the best Houston Adoption lawyers and have reviewed them here. Texas requires that you are at least 21 years old and financially stable to adopt. Typically you must complete an adoption application that discusses lifestyle and background. The State will require references and disclosure of your marital status. A family law attorney can help you through  this process.
If you wish to adopt you step-child (or children) there is no legal requirement that you be represented by an attorney. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to have an experienced adoption attorney by your side throughout the process to ensure that mistakes are avoided. If the child’s biological parent has not agreed to voluntarily relinquish his/her parental rights, the need for an attorney is heightened given that your ability to adopt your step-child hinges on your ability to convince a judge to terminate the biological parent’s rights.