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Processing an adoption can be a scary prospect. For those who’ve never done it before, you don’t know what you don’t know. A lot is at stake and a lot can go wrong. Issues can crop up as new information comes to light. An experienced adoption attorney can anticipate and preclude these issues. A good adoption attorney will help preclude problems, issue spot risks and potential legal roadblocks, and manage the relationship with the biological family. An attorney is also able to help all parties find appropriate resources depending on their circumstances.
The Fellows of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys have pledged to assist those families that now find themselves in this untenable situation. The Academy will assist these families in order for them to obtain their files from IAC, or to have them transferred to other reputable licensed adoption agencies. The Academy will also assist in advising those families as to be best way to proceed with regard to their prospective adoptions. In most instances, there will be no charge, or a reduced charge, for these services. See list here:  Academy IAC Volunteer or Reduce-Fee Attorneys.  Alternatively, I, Colleen Quinn, Academy President, can be contacted at to provide referral to a volunteer attorney. We are very saddened by this situation and will endeavor to provide as much support as possible. 
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Jody- I have researched Amara is Seattle WA and they seem like a very reputable agency which does sliding scale adoption without passing through expenses. We decided not to go with them only because their primary focus is foster to adopt which is not what we were looking for. But, if we decide to go that route in the future it will likely be with Amara.
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Seems like adoptive parents can really be in charge of making themselves available to a child that is truly in need of an adoptive family – not situations where the jury is still out as it were. I think domestic adoptions you could be much more confident that poverty was not a reason for giving up their child for adoption as well because this country does have a comprehensive welfare program for families below the poverty line specifically so they don’t have to loose their children to adoption. In other countries the reason for giving a child up for adoption might well be abject poverty and many of the adopted people I’ve helped from other countries, love their American adoptive parents but will say behind their backs that the money it cost to adopt them could have been given to their parents so that they could remain with their families. That seems like it just would not be an issue adopting a child domestically.
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Sugar Land adoption attorney Yasmin Kutty helps families living in and around the counties of Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Montgomery navigate this often complex process. Working individually with your family, Attorney Kutty will make sure you are kept both aware and prepared for all legal matters revolving around adoption. Although the idea of adoption is fairly straightforward, several steps are required before a child can be placed in the custody of a new family. Attorney Kutty works to make this process simpler, allowing you to focus on the joys of welcoming a new addition without having to fret over loose ends that may interfere.

A private independent adoption and an agency adoption both require the services of an adoption attorney. A private independent adoption is a direct placement between the birth mother and the adoptive parent. An agency adoption involves placement of the child with the adoptive parent by a public or private licensed child-placing agency. In both private and agency adoptions, you will need an approved homestudy by a licensed social worker.  Krigel & Krigel’s adoption attorneys can advise you on the adoption laws in Missouri and Kansas.  Our attorneys can also help you find a qualified and experienced social worker to complete your homestudy. It is helpful to consult an attorney early in the process so that the adoption laws and your adoption options can be fully explained.
Adoption attorneys or adoption law firms are best for prospective birth mothers who have already identified an adoptive family and who feel they don’t need much adoption counseling and support. It is important to carefully consider the resources and services you’d like to have available before choosing an adoption attorney as your adoption professional.
Many adoption attorneys have flat fee services for simple issues like document drafting, review, and filing. For more complex issues like talking to an adoptions agency or going to court, most lawyers charge an hourly rate. Rates will vary depending on the complexity of your issue and where in the country you live, so negotiate a rate up front with your attorney to avoid costly surprises.