“The Academy is pleased to now have one unified name that reflects our international reach as well as our credentialed presence in the law of family formation – whether that formation be via adoption, ART, or both. AAAA was formed in 1990. The subsidiary AAARTA was formed in 2009. The new unified name represents a blend of a well-established method of family building and securing parentage for children through adoption with the newer technologies of building and securing families through assisted reproductive technologies.”
Less support for potential birth parents: Trained and licensed social workers are vital to successful adoptions. Sometimes, families get frustrated with adoption law firms because they lack a social service department skilled in evaluating, educating and guiding prospective birth mothers through the adoption process. As a result, families can end up in an adoption opportunity with birth mothers who aren’t strongly committed to adoption, aren’t emotionally prepared or don’t understand the process, which can result in an adoption disruption.

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Because there are different types of adoption, and because every adoption is unique, there are some differences in the procedure or adoption in Tennessee. For example, if you were to go through an adoption agency there would be several steps required of you before you get the green light to initiate the legal process of adoption. For all adoptions, however, a petition must be filed with the appropriate court to get the adoption process started.  Before any child can be adopted though, the parental rights of the child’s biological parent(s) must first be terminated. Often, the parent(s) have already lost their parental rights because of abuse and/or neglect. If the child is a ward of the court, for example, it usually means the child’s parent(s) lost their parental rights and the child is now ready for adoption.