Open adoption is a form of adoption in which the identifying information of birth parents and adoptive parents are exchanged and there will be interaction between natural parents and the adopted child. However, this right may be subject to termination by the adoptive parent. Often natural parents and adoptive parents will enter into an agreement pertaining to rights concerning visitation, custody of child and other parental rights.

I think in PA it is 18 but I will check into it. I'm very open with her and she could see her birth mother now if she wanted to and we could actually locate her. She met her three siblings last year and now keeps in touch with them. My adopted son (now 20 years old) has no interest in meeting with his bio mom or siblings but I've always been open with him and left him know it was an option.
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Many law schools require that applicants possess a bachelor's degree. Although no specific undergraduate field of study is required to attend law school, courses in economics, English, public speaking, government, and history can be helpful preparation. Aspiring adoption attorneys may consider completing coursework in child and family studies in order to gain insight into family dynamics and child development.
Because there are different types of adoption, and because every adoption is unique, there are some differences in the procedure or adoption in Tennessee. For example, if you were to go through an adoption agency there would be several steps required of you before you get the green light to initiate the legal process of adoption. For all adoptions, however, a petition must be filed with the appropriate court to get the adoption process started.  Before any child can be adopted though, the parental rights of the child’s biological parent(s) must first be terminated. Often, the parent(s) have already lost their parental rights because of abuse and/or neglect. If the child is a ward of the court, for example, it usually means the child’s parent(s) lost their parental rights and the child is now ready for adoption.