Adopting a child or children is one of the most loving things a family can do. Adoption creates new families and provides children with a loving and nurturing home. At Queenan law, our Dallas, Texas adoption attorneys provide comprehensive legal services in all types of adoptive placements, private or agency, open or closed, domestic, interstate, and international.
What do you really know about your chosen adoption agency? While they may have dazzled you with testimonials, client references, and marketing material did they have a serious conversation about problems that may arise? Did they talk to you about delays, costs, and options for handling problems? While most adoptions move forward relatively problem-free, some adoptions become very complicated, frustrating and costly. In fact, adoption problems requiring an attorney are common enough that it has been addressed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.3
Why is so inexpensive compared to lawyers? – When you go to a lawyer, they represent you in court. When you use’s service, you represent yourself. When a lawyer does your adoption case, you would meet with him or his paralegal and fill out an Adoption Questionnaire. That information is given to a paralegal to type up your adoption forms. Then the lawyer would go to court with you and reads off a pre-prepared statement. When you use’s service, you also fill in an Adoption Questionnaire. It is given to paralegals to complete the information on the adoption forms exactly as it appears on the Adoption Questionnaire. Then you simply go to court for 10-12 minutes and read off the same pre-prepared stament. You represent yourself and you don’t have to pay $1500 or more for a lawyer to go to court for 10-12 minutes for you.
The Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA) is a credentialed organization dedicated to the competent and ethical practice of adoption and assisted reproduction law. It advocates for laws and policies to protect the best interests of children, the legal status of families formed through adoption and assisted reproduction, and the rights of all interested parties.
Thanks to the efforts of all of you who have worked so hard over the past two months, children and families won a great victory. The final tax reform bill and conference report was unveiled on December 15 and we are pleased to share that both the adoption tax credit and the tax benefit for employer provided adoption benefits have been SAVED! Read the final version of the tax reform bill here. 
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The number one factor in showing a significant attachment is the time you have spent together.  How long has the child been with you 24/7?  Both the federal (ASFA, 1997) and the Indiana statutes reflect an urgency to find a permanent home within 12 to 15 months. The reason for this is clear. Bonding is likely after three months, probable after six, and almost certain after 12 months of living together.

The services offered by adoption lawyers vary from one attorney to the next. If you choose to work with an adoption attorney, you may need to take a more active role throughout the adoption process, and you may have to consult additional adoption professionals for some services not provided by your attorney. However, the right adoption attorney should be able to refer you to professionals that can assist you with these services.

Some expectant mothers need help covering expenses. Each state has different laws about what expenses can be covered, who can distribute the funds, and whether the funds must be paid directly to the provider. Failing to follow the laws regarding expectant mother expenses can potentially result in criminal liability. An experienced adoption attorney will know what expenses are permitted, how they can be disbursed, and who can disburse them.
Common forms of adoption are domestic adoption, open adoption and closed adoption. Domestic adoptions are adoption by caretaker relatives and stepparents. A caretaker relative must be a person who is within the 5th degree of kinship to a child by blood or adoption. In adoption laws, to count a man as a child's father, he must be the legal father. A legal father is a man married to the child's mother when the child was conceived or born.
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Prepare for the bar. The bar exam is very intensive, and those taking it usually need to devote a large number of hours of study to preparing for the exam in order to increase their chances of passing it on the first attempt. Several companies offer exam prep courses that provide instruction about the subjects on the exam and provide sample questions and test-taking techniques. 

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When It comes to lawyer training and adoption, one size definitely does not fit all. It is imperative that law librarians, IT, marketing, and professional development staff employ a variety of techniques, formats, technologies, and approaches to driving technology into each lawyer’s practice. Since lawyers are no longer enticed by the prospect of bagels, or even a full lunch, one of the most important techniques is to bring training or resources to them where they sit, where they gather, or into the workflow where they practice.
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Academy President, Colleen Quinn, one of the final round judges is pictured above with the winning team.  Congratulations to the runner-up team from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Heather Nelson and James Naughton.  The Academy extends its thanks to Capital Law School and all participating 23 teams for the excellence demonstrated throughout this competition.
The Hague Convention provides a specific process for international adoption that starts with a home study of the adoptive parents by a certified agency. The adoptive parents file Form I-800A with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, which in turn sends its approval to the child’s home country. The authorities in that country match the application with a specific child and prepare a report. If the adoptive parents approve the match, they file Form I-800, which is provisionally approved and forwarded to the consular post of the State Department.
Adoption is a court preceding that is used to create a parent child relationship between an otherwise unrelated person and a child. An adoption may be requested by a person that can show he or she has the resources and the appropriate background to provide a home for a child. A social study and an attorney to represent the child, an attorney ad litem, are required in almost all of these cases. After an adoption is completed the law regards the adopted child just as if he or she were a natural child of thee adoptive parent.

AAAA includes 470 attorneys, law professors, and judges who are recognized as Fellows and have extensive experience in the practice of adoption law, ART law, or both. Located around the world – including the United States, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Israel, and the United Kingdom – Fellows of AAAA are considered legal thought leaders and are a highly-vetted, experienced group.
Hello. My sister in law is having a baby in Indiana I’m in Illinois what are the steps I have to take to adopt my baby niece or nephew? I’m also a single mother and I feel this will be a problem. My SIL (sister in law) and my brother both agree on me having their child. I’m very excited but I feel like I’m not what every agency is looking for. I’m 24 single month er of one 5 year old little girl. Still in school. And I was planning on moving next year around April 2018 and the baby is due this year in November so in about four months. Also they are both not stable at all… both had drug problems in the past. As of right now I know my SIL IS CLEAN because I just don’t want CPS to be involved and maybe taking “our” baby away. That will be very devastating as it HAS happened in the past 5 and 4 years ago.. soo they are stupid for not taking care of themselves sorry this is long… anyways quick Question: Do I look for an attorney here in Illinois? Or Indiana? I’d it POSSIBLE I can pay the attorney in payments? (I feel that’s a red flag of not being able to care for a child which is not true.) Or will it be easier if my brother and my SIL Come to Chicago and have their baby and have an attorney here and do all the paper work? Very new to this. And I’ve been doing my research just not talked to an attorney. THANK YOU -mayra
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The Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA) is a credentialed organization dedicated to the competent and ethical practice of adoption and assisted reproduction law. It advocates for laws and policies to protect the best interests of children, the legal status of families formed through adoption and assisted reproduction, and the rights of all interested parties.
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From Highway 75 in Dallas, take the Lovers Lane Exit and turn east on Lovers Lane to the very next street, Greenville, and turn right (South) on Greenville.  The next light is Milton.  Continue through the light at Milton, stay in the right lane.  Turn right into the Energy Square complex, directly across Greenville Avenue from Kosta’s Greek Restaurant.   After the turn, immediately in front of you is a chrome sculpture and the Energy Three Building, my building.  On your left is the Energy One Building.   The parking is marked with yellow signage.  Continue forward and be prepared for a sharp right turn into the garage for visitor parking.  There is also surface guest parking on your left, between Energy Two and Energy Three. Again, we are on the tenth floor of Energy Three. This link shows an aerial view of Energy Square:
Can’t you just rely on the adoption agency to get things right? No, you can’t assume that an adoption agency won’t make mistakes. Every year scores of innocent prospective adoptive parents find themselves facing felony charges for adoption fraud. The website has written an exceptional article that discusses the matter of wrongful adoption.1
Adopting a step-child follows the same general process as adopting any other child; however, it can be much faster because you may be able to skip some of the steps. The adoption home study required in most adoptions, for example, may not be required in a step-parent adoption. In addition, the mandatory six month waiting period is usually waived in a step-parent adoption. The parental rights of the child’s other biological parent, however, must still be terminated prior to, or simultaneously with, the adoption process.  If the child’s other parent has not already lost his/her parental rights, you will need to address that issue during the adoption process. The biological parent can voluntarily relinquish his/her parental rights, making the adoption process much simpler for everyone involved. If the biological parent is not willing to voluntarily terminate his/her rights, you will need to convince the court that terminating his/her rights is in the child’s best interest.